What game is theĀ game of Kings cribbage?


  • Outscore your opponent by making or extending Crib Hands with the tiles. (The concept of the game is similar to using tiles to create words in a word game.)
  • A Crib Hand is a row of 2 to 5 tiles that combine to form cribbage points (runs, pairs and/or fifteens).


  • Low draw plays first. (Keep score with a pen and paper.) . Without peeking, all players draw 5 tiles from the bag and place them on their tile holder.
  • The first person to play forms a Crib Hand using 2,3,4 or 5 of their tiles, then positions them in a straight line, next to each other, anywhere on the board.
  • Each turn is complete once a player records their score and replenishes their tile stock to 5.
  • All plays after the first must merge with the tiles already on the board to create or extend Crib Hands. (See box cover photo and examples for details.)

What are the rules?


  • No play (Crib Hand) may exceed 5 tiles. (See example 6.)
  • Played tiles must be in a straight line.
  • Diagonal playing or scoring is never allowed.
  • Every tile played must contribute points toward a Crib Hand.
  • Runs do not need to be in sequence. (see examples)
  • All plays, after the first, must consist of 1 to 5 tiles.
  • Face tiles are valued at 10 when making ‘Fifteens”.
  • Aces are valued at ‘l when making ‘Fifteens” or “runs”.
  • 6’s can be turned around and played as 9’s or vice versa, but once they are on the board their value is set.
  • lf no play is possible, player misses a turn and can exchange from 1 to 5 of their tiles with those in the bag.


  • When no tiles are left in the bag, the game ends immediately if one player runs out of tiles or no play is possible by any player. Leftover tiles are deducted from each played score at face value. (Face tiles = 10, Aces = 1). Do not worry though. If you still want to keep having fun you can always check out the site honestcasinos.com where you can find Real money Online Casinos in Canada.

Optional rules (for the real Kings)


The player with the lowest score after each round is called the “Servant” and he or she must keep score for the other players. This rule creates additional amusement as it becomes a status symbol not to become the Servant.


The first player to shout “Joked’if they spot points unclaimed by their opponent (after their score is recorded), may claim those points. Should the shouter yell out before the points are recorded or if there are no missed points, the shouter becomes the Joker and 5 points are deducted from his or her score.


Separate the dark and light tiles then play them against each other using the standard rules. To find out more about the game visit the wikipedia page about Kings Cribbage. For more site check out canadadirectory.net